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Diverse Veröffentlichungen Nr. 39 - 2007 / Frank G., Parviainen J., Vandekerhove K., Latham J., Schuck W., Little D. [Eds.] / COST Action E27 : Protected Forest Areas in Europe - Analysis and Harmonisation (PROFOR): Results, Conclusions and Recommendations
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Diverse Veröffentlichungen Nr. 39 - 2007 / Frank G., Parviainen J., Vandekerhove K., Latham J., Schuck W., Little D. [Eds.] / COST Action E27 : Protected Forest Areas in Europe - Analysis and Harmonisation (PROFOR): Results, Conclusions and Recommendations
Executive Summary

In order to get a reliable and comparable picture of the protection status of forests in European countries, common standards and harmonisation of protection categories with respect to one another are needed. The existing diversity of protected forest areas (PFA) in the different countries also has historical and socio-economic roots which must be understood and respected. The COST Action E27 “Protected forest areas – analysis and harmonisation” (PROFOR, http:// has aimed to provide a better understanding of national and international distinctions of protected forest areas and tries to explain the reasons for this diversity. The main task of the action was to analyse and harmonise the whole range of PFA categories in Europe in compliance with existing international categories for protected areas (COST 2001). It is estimated that the total number of all designated areas in Europe amounts to approximately 65 000 to 70 000 sites. Some 100 researchers and experts from 25 European countries participated in the Action. Major emphasis was placed on the cooperation between scientists and managers from both nature conservation and forest administration. Besides the 25 European signatory countries, the international organisations MCPFE and EEA had an official observer status and were fully involved in the work process with open access to all documents and data. COST E27 PROFOR also co-operated directly with the organisations IUCN, PEBLDS and UN-ECE...

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  • Preface
  • Executive Summary
  • Georg Frank: Introduction
Part I - Description and Analysis of Protected Forest Areas - National Dimension
  • Etienne Branquart, James Latham, Markus Lier, Silvija Saudyte: A General Analysis of Protected Forest Area Types in Europe.
  • Jan Carl Welzholz & Elisabeth Johann: History of Protected Forest Areas in Europe.
  • Floor Vodde: Organisations Involved in the Establishment and Maintenance of Protected Forest Areas.
  • Etienne Branquart & James Latham: Selection Criteria for Protected Forest Areas Dedicated to Biodiversity Conservation in Europe.
  • Cristina Montiel, Gloria DomInguez, Pavel Cudlin, Georg Frank, Katrine Hahn, Elisabeth Johann, James Latham, Emi Pesonen: Assessing Socio-economic Values of Protected Forest Areas.
Part II - Harmonisation and Improvement of Information on European Protected Forest Areas - International Dimension
  • Jari Parviainen, Georg Frank, Kris Vandekerkhove, Winfried Bücking, Declan Little: The Need for Harmonised Information on Protected Forest Areas.
  • Kris Vandekerkhove, Jari Parviainen, Georg Frank, Winfried Bücking, Declan Little: Classification Systems used for the Reporting on Protected Forest Areas (PFAs).
  • Kris Vandekerkhove, Jari Parviainen, Georg Frank, Declan Little: Evaluation of Data Derived from International Classification Systems: Issues Arising from the Assessment of Reported Statistics.
  • Kris Vandekerkhove, Georg Frank, Jari Parviainen, Winfried Bücking, Declan Little (eds): Suggestions for Clarifying Protected Forest Area (PFA) Categories for Reporting Purposes.
The Clearinghouse Mechanism
  • Andreas Schuck, Markus Lier, Ioannis Meliadis: the Clearinghouse Mechanism.
Main Results, Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Georg Frank, Jari Parviainen, James Latham, Kris Vandekerkhove, Andreas Schuck, Declan Little: Main Results, Conclusions and Recommendations.
Annex 1
  • Karl-Manfred Schweinzer, Andreas Schuck, Markus Lier, Winfried Bücking: Identification of a Core Set of Key Terms for Protected Forest Areas - A Contribution to Cross Border Communication.
Annex 2
  • Georg Frank: Forest Definitions and Assessment of Protected Forest Areas - A COST Action E27 Investigation.
Annex 3
  • Winfried Bücking & Andreas Schuck: Data Flow and Reporting.
Annex 4
  • List of Abbreviations.
Annex 5
  • List of Participants.

Frank G. ; Parviainen J. ; Vandekerhove K. ; Latham J. ; Schuck W. ; Little D.

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