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Aerial survey and remote sensing deal with the forest and metric evaluation of data for remote sensing, in particular with the interpretation of infrared-colour (IRC) aerial photographs.

Research work focuses on determining and monitoring the vitality and capacity of forest ecosystems. The approach used in this question is based on assessing the extent of crown thinning of individual trees (loss of needles/leaves). In addition, numerous site and stand parameters are monitored by high-tech stereoplotters. The interpretation of the data provides information for statistics and forest maps and consequently allows the identification of problematic areas and conclusions regarding the causes of problems.




Large-scale regional investigations on the status of forests are complemented by detailed surveys dealing with subjects like

  • extension and development of the pine decline
  • application of information from aerial photographs in site mapping
  • three-dimensional digital models of stand surfaces

In addition to the standard use of IRC aerial photos, the use of satellite data is tested.

The research activities of the Department provide project-specific interpretation keys for aerial photographs and investigation reports. They are available at the library of the Federal Forest Research Centre.


List of publications


  • Aerial photograph database: The database contains all parameters surveyed in an investigation; adapted to the all-Austrian system of coordinates; in most cases Ascii (DI Manfred Gärtner)

Cooperation and participations

  • International EC working group Remote Sensing Application on Forest Health Assessment (national representation) (DI Manfred Gärtner)
  • International Task Force of Forest Aerial Photograph Interpreters (Arbeitsgruppe Forstlicher Luftinterpreten, AFL) (DI Manfred Gärtner)


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