Unit of Phytopathology

The Unit of Phytopathology conducts research on plant-pathogenous fungi, bacteria and viruses as well as chemically traceable indicators of plant stress (trees and shrubs) through biotic and abiotic factors.

Priority Areas of Work

  • Biology of plant pathogens
  • Causes for complex tree diseases - analysis of interactions between pathogenous agents, host plant, environment and climate
  • Risk assessment in relation to plant pathogens in endangered ecosystems
  • Biochemical investigations on stress in forest trees
  • Diagnosis of fungal diseases
  • Elaboration of curative and preventive control measures
  • Documentation of biotic damaging factors
  • Advisory services (damage diagnosis and information system online) and expert opinion in connection with plant health problems
  • Elaboration and adjustment of methods for stress diagnosis in woody plants.
  • Analysis of biochemical parameters, such as antioxidants and pigments, as early warning signals of stress, identification of their natural dynamics and range at different sites


Head of Unit +43-1-87838-1147 Schönbrunn, Room 43

Phytopathology, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Nematode Identification und -Taxonomy, Herbar Phytopathology +43-1-87838-1148 Schönbrunn, Room 44

Katharina Schwanda
Project POnTE,
Laboratory Phytopathology,
Laboratory Molecular Genetic Diagnosis, Monitoring
+43-1-87838-1133 Schönbrunn, Room 41

xx Christine
Laboratory Phytopathology, Laboratory Molecular Genetic Diagnosis, Quarantine Laboratory Entomology (Insect breeding)
+43-1-87838-1145 Schönbrunn, Room 41

Biochemical Laboratory +43-1-87838-1219 Schönbrunn, Room 115


Unit of Phytopathology
Seckendorff-Gudent-Weg 8, 1131 Vienna, Austria
Head of Unit Dr. Thomas Cech

Tel. +43-1-87838-1147, Fax: +43-1-87838-1250
email: thomas.cech*bfw.gv.at

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