Unit of Inventory Design and Remote Sensing

The Unit of Inventory Design and Analysis has the responsibility to develop methods and techniques for the collection, processing and dissemination of information about the Austrian forest securing availability of data over decades.

Priority Areas of Work

  • Development of interpretation algorithms and models using mathematical-statistical concepts based on data obtained from the Austrian Forest Inventory
  • Interpretation, processing and transfer of the results obtained from the Austrian Forest Inventory
  • Remote sensing
  • Development of inventory designs
  • Development of methods for the interpretation of the results obtained from the Austrian Forest Inventory
  • Development of remote sensing methods for widening the knowledge base about the Austrian forest
  • Creation, management and maintenance of a database covering all survey periods since 1961
  • Control and completion of data obtained from the Austrian Forest Inventory from models and other sources
  • Computer-aided interpretation of the Austrian Forest Inventory from terrestrial and remote sensing data
  • Update and completion of online results of the main analysis
  • Photogrammetric tasks for the Austrian Natural Forest Reserve Programme


Freudenschuß Alexandra
International projects, Head of Unit
Schönbrunn, room 130


Secretary +43-1-87838-1225
Schönbrunn, room 135


Statistical Analysis and Interpretation
Schönbrunn, room 140


Methodical Topics of Inventory Model development
Schönbrunn, room 133

Koukal Tatjana
Research questions between inventory sampling procedure and remote sensing
Schönbrunn, room XXX

Krajcsovics Elisabeth
Digitalization, administration
Schönbrunn, room 153

Matzik Heimo
Internet editor, databases of forest inventory, graphik
Schönbrunn, room 157

Reinhold Pany

Administration of the inventory documents, maps et cetera. field work +43-1-87838-1237
Schönbrunn, room 150

Franz Zaunbauer database maintenance, Programming, GIS analysis, field work +43-1-87838-1241
Schönbrunn, room 147


Unit of Inventory Design and Analysis
Seckendorff-Gudent-Weg 8, 1131 Vienna, Austria
Head of Unit: Dipl.-Ing Alexandra Freudenschuß

tel: +43-1-87838-1220
fax: +43-1-87838-1250
email: alexandra.freudenschuss@bfw.gv.at

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