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Tree mineral nutrition is deteriorating in Europe
from Jonard M., Fürst A., Verstraeten A., Thimonier A., Timmermann V., Potočić N., Waldner P., Benham S., Hansen K., Merilä P., Ponette Q., de la Cruz A., Roskams P., Nicolas M., Croisé L., Ingerslev M., Matteucci G., Decinti B., Bascietto M., Rautio P. (2014).

Article is online in Global Change Biology
Forest Monitoring - Methods for terrestrial investigations in Europe with an overview of North America and Asia
The book present scientific concepts and methods that form the basis of the transnational, long-term (environmental) forest monitoring in Europe and looks at other initiatives at the global level. Standardized methods that have been developed over two decades in international forest monitoring projects are presented.
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Plausible range for elements in foliage samples
To support the foliage laboratories in QA/QC issues a list with plausible ranges for the element concentrations in foliage for different tree species were calculated from the European level II database.  >>>
Publications of the Members of the Expert Panel on Foliage and Litterfall
In this web-based database members of the Expert Panel Foliar have access to store new relevant publication links. The publication should be in English or must have an English summary - also email, webpage and contact person should be available.
ICP Forests Manual - Update 2020
The monitoring manual documents the harmonized methods for sampling and analysis as adopted by the participating countries of ICP Forests. A general revision of the ICP Forests monitoring manual has been carried out in spring 2020. The updated parts of the manual have been adopted by the programme Task Force in June 2020.
ICP-Forests Manual
Forest Foliar Condition in Europe - Results of large-scale foliar chemistry surveys 1995 (survey 1995 and data from previous years)
The first evaluation of the data showed that a wide range of foliar nutrient concentrations exists in the countries in Europe. Generally, most plots have an adequate nutrient status. In a relatively high number of plots in Germany, Slovakia and the United Kingdom high levels of nitrogen and sulphur were found.  >>>
Forest Foliar Condition in Europe - National Report Austria
In the framework of the Austrian Forest Damage Monitoring System the Federal Forest Research Centre is investigating Austria's forest conditions. Among others, crown assessments, growth studies, soil investigations, but also foliar analyses were made.  >>>
Classification Values for European Foliage Data
These classification values were fixed at the 3rd and 4th Forest Foliar Expert Panel Meeting, in the 13th Forest Foliar Expert Panel Meeting the names of these classes were also fixed. These classification values should be used for the harmonize classification of element concentrations in foliage samples from European surveys.  >>>
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