Forest Foliar Co-ordinating Centre (FFCC)
Report from the last Interlaboratory Comparison Tests
All reports of the Needle/Leaf Interlaboratory Comparison Test Programme up from 1993/1994 can be found and downloaded from the ICP-FORESTS webpage.
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Re-Qualification Process after the last Needle and Leaf Interlaboratory Test
The qualification process starts with the ringtest participation. All participating ICP-Forests laboratories must analyze at least all the mandatory parameters. Finally, each laboratory can download the qualification report together with the ringtest report. The laboratory passed for parameters highlighted in green and failed for parameters highlighted in orange. For the orange highlighted parameters a re-qualification is needed.  >>>
16th Expert Panel Meeting Foliage and Litterfall 2019 - Brussels/Belgium
The 16th Expert Panel Meeting Foliage and Litterfall took place on the 27th March 2019 in Brussels/Belgium. 23 participants from 13 countries attended the meeting. The meeting was organized from INBO.
Agenda of the Meeting (179kB)
Minutes of the Meeting (128kB)
Minutes of the QA/QC-Meeting and the Ringtest results (100kB)
Tree mineral nutrition is deteriorating in Europe
from Jonard M., Fürst A., Verstraeten A., Thimonier A., Timmermann V., Potočić N., Waldner P., Benham S., Hansen K., Merilä P., Ponette Q., de la Cruz A., Roskams P., Nicolas M., Croisé L., Ingerslev M., Matteucci G., Decinti B., Bascietto M., Rautio P. (2014).

Article is online in Global Change Biology
Classification Values for European Foliage Data
These classification values were fixed at the 3rd and 4th Forest Foliar Expert Panel Meeting, in the 13th Forest Foliar Expert Panel Meeting the names of these classes were also fixed. These classification values should be used for the harmonize classification of element concentrations in foliage samples from European surveys.  >>>
Forest Monitoring - Methods for terrestrial investigations in Europe with an overview of North America and Asia
The book present scientific concepts and methods that form the basis of the transnational, long-term (environmental) forest monitoring in Europe and looks at other initiatives at the global level. Standardized methods that have been developed over two decades in international forest monitoring projects are presented.
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Foliage and litterfall reference samples
BFW has prepared and offers reference samples (Spruce needles, Maple leaves, litterfall sample-beech leaves, Pine needles) with known element concentrations to support the QA/QC in Europaen laboratories which participate in forest environmental monitoring. These samples can be used for the validation of the analytical methods.
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