Forest Foliar Co-ordinating Centre (FFCC)
Forest Foliar Database - Results (Level I)
One of the major activities of the Forest Foliar Coordinating Centre is the presentation of the received Level I foliar data. The transnational database comprises the foliar data from the assessment years 1987-1999 stored in an Oracle-Database. Now it is possible to select the mean values, the ranges, the classification results and the classification graphs of the foliar datas from 17 countries directly via internet.
Forest Foliar Database - Overview
Data from the survey 1995 (967 data sets) are available from 713 plots belonging to the transnational 16x16 km network of Austria, Belgium-Wallonia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany-Lower Saxony, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Russia-St. Petersburg Region, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom, and were communicated to the FFCC for evaluation in the Report EC-UN/ECE, Stefan K., A. Fürst, R.Hacker, U. Bartels.  >>>
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