Forest Foliar Co-ordinating Centre (FFCC)
8th Needle/Leaf Interlaboratory Comparison Test - 2005/2006
56 European laboratories participated in this test - 53 were sending 10864 results. 4 samples were sent:

Sample 1 (Spruce/Austria)
Sample 2 (Spruce/Austria)
Sample 3 ("Maple" is ident with sample 3 from the 7th test - Beech/Croatia)
Sample 4 (Oak/France)

The results of the 8th Interlaboratory Comparison Test show generally a good analytical quality in foliar analysis. Some of the laboratories had to learn from their ringtest results, especially those with statistic outliers and/or results outside of the tolerable limits. A few laboratories must change their methods (e.g. dry ashing, nephelometry determination of sulphur) or check their methods with standard reference materials, ring test samples or primary standards.
Calibration problems of element analysers appear to be corrected. Most of the labs (90%) are using control charts as a daily routine procedure.

The data quality of the laboratories, which are participating in the ICP-Forests - Level II foliar survey 2005, is good - only a few laboratories (especially 30, 36) have bigger problems.

Results of the "Level II - laboratories"

The report of the 8th Needle/Leaf Interlaboratory Comparison Test can be downloaded here:

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