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18th Needle/Leaf Interlaboratory Comparison Test - 2015/2016
53 laboratories in 25 countries participated in the 18th Needle/Leaf Interlaboratory Test. The following test samples were submitted to the participants:

1. Beech Leaves - Fagus sylvatica (Austria)
2. Pine branches - Litterfall (Finland) - same sample like in the 11th Test (Sample 1) and 14th Test (Sample 3)
3. Spruce needles (Germany) - same sample like in the 9th Test (Sample 1)
4. Spruce Needles (France)

Sample 1 was collected from Reinhard Hagen and his employees in Lower Austria. Sample 2 was collected from John Derome in Finland. Sample 3 was collected from Günther Kießling in Germany and Sample 4 was collected from Mireille Barbaste in France. Special thank to all colleagues for collecting and preparing samples for this ringtest.

The following participating laboratories with a lower percentage of correct results (less than 80% of the mandatory and optional elements) have bigger QC/QA-problems in their laboratory and/or with their method:

A79 (79.1%), F24 (78.6%), A89 (65.5%), F21 (62.5%) and A62 (45.0%).

Figure 1: 18th Interlaboratory Comparison Test - Percentage of correct results (mandatory and optional elements)

All interested laboratories are invited to take part in the re-qualification program.

More and more laboratories changed their method during the last years to microwave digestion and ICP-MS, so they are able now to determine heavy metals simultaneously with the mandatory and optional elements with a sufficient accuracy. Mercury can detect easily with a good accuracy with a special element analyzer or by AAS cold vapor technique. Heavy metals are an important air pollution indicator also with special interest within ICP-FORESTS.
The following additional elements are evaluated according DIN 38402: As, Cr, Co, Hg and Ni - these elements are analyzed at the moment from more than 10 participants. Mo, Tl and V are also evaluated according DIN 38402, but the number of participants is low.

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