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Re-Qualification Process after the last Needle and Leaf Interlaboratory Test
The qualification process starts with the ringtest participation. Together with the ringtest report each laboratory can download a qualification report. The laboratory passed for parameters highlighted in green (> 50% of the results are within the tolerable limits) and failed for parameters highlighted in red (< 50% of the results are within the tolerable limits). A special qualification procedure is foreseen for results below the quantification limit. For the red highlighted parameters a re-qualification is obligatory, if this parameter will be reported in monitoring files to PCC database within the periode of validity of this ringtest.

Only in case of re-qualification:

The re-qualification process should start as soon as possible after the ringtest. The laboratory has to try to identify the reason for the bad results. The quality check paper of the ICP Forests working group on QA/QC in laboratories could be helpful (see: Also reference samples for method validation from IRMM, NIST or FFCC could be used. In case there is not enough sample material left - the ringtest provider will send additional ringtest sample material, if it is stable enough. If the problem is fixed a detailed report should be sent to the ringtest provider. Please, always add the laboratory code number on your report.

The report should contain:
  • Results of the re-analyzed ringtest samples. Please, use or download only the Excel form from your ringtest provider!
  • Printouts from the instruments (calibration curves, calibration factors, measured results, date/time)
  • Printouts from the control charts 
  • Sample weights, dilution factors, moisture correction factors (if needed)
  • Reason for failing the qualification
  • Measures against this error in future
Additional documents can be ordered from the ringtest provider (e.g. detailed analytic procedure, instrumentation,..). The ringtest provider will check the submitted documents and will try to support your re-qualification process and will finally update your online qualification report. The effectiveness of the measures against bad data quality can only be proofed, if the laboratory takes part in the following ringtest and passes immediately for this parameter. Therefore, the re-qualification process is only completed after positive participation (for this lab & parameter) in the next test. When a lab did not qualify and did not make efforts to improve the data quality, ICP Forests PCC will send a letter to the National Focal Centre and inform them about the consequence that their data possibly cannot be used for evaluations on an European level.

If FFCC receives all needed papers your updated online qualification report can be downloaded. There is a deadline for re-qualification (1st of September) - please, submit your reports per email in minimum three weeks before this deadline to have time enough to answer possible requests. Please, use in all communications your lab code number!

In case you have not enough sample material left let me know this in time - FFCC will send additional ringtest sample material if available.

Download the form for the re-qualification report (*.xlsx File)
Get the last online QA/QC Report for your laboratory
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