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20th Needle/Leaf Interlaboratory Comparison Test - 2017/2018
48 laboratories in 23 countries participated in the 20th Needle/Leaf Interlaboratory Test, but only 47 laboratories submit results in time.

The following test samples were submitted to the participants:

1. Birch leaves (Austria)
2. Spruce needles (Germany)
3. Spruce needles (Austria) - same sample like in the 19th Test (Sample 2)
4. Pine cones (Austria)

Sample 1 and Sample 4 were collected in the park area of Schönbrunn/Vienna. Sample 2 was collected and prepared from Mrs. Gabriele Trefz-Malcher (FVA-Baden-Württemberg). Sample 3 was collected from Mr. Walter Wuggenig and his employees in Austria/Carinthia.
Special thank to all colleagues for collecting and preparing samples for this ringtest.

Figure 1: 20th Interlaboratory Comparison Test - Percentage of correct results (mandatory and optional elements)

The following participating laboratories with a percentage of correct results below 80% have severe QC/QA-problems and/or methodical problems:

F21 (79.2%), A45 (78.5%), A43 (75.0%), A56 (75.0%), F09 (75.0%), A88 (71.0%), F24 (64.3%), A83 (63.9%) and A62 (53.6%)

The laboratories A59 (K), A62 (Ca, Mg, K), A82 (K) and F09 (P) failed with the same parameter in the last test. Therefore, their QC/QA-problem or/and their methodical problem is still not solved!

All interested laboratories are invited to take part in the re-qualification program up from now till 1st of September 2018.

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