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»Wir setzen auf eine umfassende Erhaltung und Bewirtschaftung des Waldes
durch kontinuierliche Pflege und Nutzung«
Pro Silva Austria
Annual Meeting 2011 (16th-18th June 2011 in Ossiach, Austria)

Wednesday, 15th June 2011

Arrival, registration, informal meeting of participants
19:00 Welcome drink and barbeque at Forest Training Centre Ossiach

Thursday, 16th June 2011

07:30 Registration Forest Trainig Centre Ossiach
08:00 Morning session
  • Welcome notes
  • Introduction and general information
  • Short presentation Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape (BFW), particularly the Forest Training Centre Ossiach (Dir. DI Hans Zöscher)
09:00 Departure to Hebalm (Styria)
10:30 Excursion to the forest enterprise of the Souveräner Malteser Ritterorden (DI Clemens Spörk, Univ.Prof.i.R. Dr. Josef Spörk)
Hebalm (1050m - 1520 m)
  • Introduction to forest enterprise
  • Transformationprocess of even-aged forests to irregular forests adapted to climate change
Lunch in the forest

Sommereben (390 - 1280m)
Economic aspects of Pro Silva forest management

18:00 Evening in a West-Styrian "Buschenschank" in Gundersdorf
21:00 Departure to Ossiach

Friday, 17th June 2011

07:30 Departure to Poitschach
08:00 Excursion to the forest Enterprise "Gut Poitschach" near Feldkirchen (DI Dr. Eckart Senitza)
  • Introduction to a mixed sector¿s and multiple purpose¿s enterprise
  • Sucession of former agricultural land to multi-layered seminatural forests
  • Integrative approach of biodiversity protection in forest management
  • Inventory system and use of a forest growth simulator
  • Consequences of transformation of the silvicultural system on forest management
Lunch in the forest

13:00 Departure to Ossiach
14:30 Delegates Meeting (separate agenda)
19:00 Conference Dinner

Saturday, 18th June 2011

07:30 Departure to St. Salvator
08:30 Excursion to the expemplary family forest enterprises Wachernig and
Rinner near St. Salvator (Helmut Wachernig, Dietmar and Thomas
  • Introduction to the mixed agriculture-foresty farm of the Wachernig Family
  • Walk through the forest of the mixed agriculture-forestry farm of the Rinner Family, introduction
  • Silvicultural treatment in cable crane-terrain, Forest road system, examples of continous cover forestry
  • Presentation of the LEADER project "Sustainable forest management in the region of Mittel-Kärnten"
Lunch at the farm of the Rinner family

13:00 Departure to Klagenfurt
For those, who want to travel home already on Saturday evening the bus will stop at 14:30 Klagenfurt airport (departure to Vienna at 15:30 and Munich at 17:00 and additional fligths later on) and as the need arises at the Klagenfurt or Villach railway station.

17:00 ca. Ossiach
Free time, informal joint dinner in Ossiach

Sunday, 19th June 2011

Transfer to the Klagenfort airport and the railway station of Villach if required

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