Italian National Research Council
(CNR Bari BA Puglia, Italy)

Organisation and Competences:
The CNR-Firenze is experienced in developing and using molecular markers in forest species. Investigations have been carried out on relevant aspects of population and conservation genetics of forest species. Analyses have been conducted on genetic variability using DNA markers for the description of reproductive processes, geographic variation, spatial genetic structure, for understanding migration history in the post-glacial period and the molecular basis of adaptation. The group has developed and optimised different methods of molecular analysis. Expertise is also available on genetic data analysis and statistics, including approaches for spatial interpolation to produce maps of the distribution of diversity. The group maintains contacts and has been engaged in collaborative works with many international research units, within EU funded projects (more than 20 EU sponsored projects). The group published several scientific papers in the most relevant journals on population and conservation genetics of forest tree species.
Role: Task 5.3 To show the utility of the developed genomic resources to end-users, we plan to develop different case studies that will benefit from high-throughput genotyping of complete gene families linked to adaptive traits to conduct landscape genomic studies that have applications in the conservation and management of forest genetic resources. The group has extensive experience in the filed as documented by the participation to other EU project as well as from the list of publications.
Staff members' profile:
Dr. Giovanni G. Vendramin- Director of Research, forest geneticist with experience in genomics. Scientific responsible of national and international projects. Associated editor and member of editorial board of scientific journals. Coordinator of IUFRO Unit. Ad Hoc Reviewer for 33 scientific journals. Scientific board of international and national congresses and scientific societies. Invited speakers and chairperson at national and international congresses. About 150 papers published in international journals (cited more than 3600 times to the present, with the 7 most cited publications receiving more than 100 citations each). Holds at present a H index of 34.
Dr. Gabriele Bucci- Senior Researcher, expert in statistics, informatics, databases management and in using landscape genetic statistical methods.
Dr. Cristina Vettori- Researcher, expert in population genetics.
Dr. Sara Torre- PostDoc, expert in the use of molecular markers and sequence data for population and landscape genetic studies.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

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