Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Technologica
(IBET Oeiras, Portugal)

Organisation and Competences: IBET is a private non-profit research organisation created to integrate and strengthen biological and biochemical knowledge from its academic and industrial partners into technology and transfer it into economic wealth and job creation. It brings together as partners and collaborators, private companies and public institutions, to ensure the translational application of competences from early stage discovery to final production and processes. Its private equity (majority) ensures that IBET is run as a private SME for the benefit of its customers.

The team holds expertise in different and complementary areas such as genome-wide transcript analysis,
including the small non-coding RNAs, and bioinformatics, for which a broad range of facilities are available. Previous and ongoing work has been focused in the study of developmental processes (mainly embryo development, wood and cork formation) in forest tree species such as maritime pine, cork oak and eucalyptus. Additionally, the whole team is involved in a national consortium for EST sequencing and bioinformatics analysis in cork oak. Team members are experienced as leading scientists in national and international projects aiming at the development of genomic resources in forest trees. The IBET team has participated in the EC FP5 (SEP, GEMINI) as well as in the
Collaborative Funding initiative Plant-KBBE between Spain (MCYT& MICINN), France (MdR & ANR), Germany (BMBF) and Portugal (FCT) SUSTAINPINE and TREEFORJOULES.

Participation in WP2 and WP6. Coordination of Subtask 2.1.2: Small non-coding RNA (sRNA)
discovery and identification.

Staff members' profile:

Dr.Célia Miguel- PhD in Plant Biotechnology (1999); Researcher and Head of the Forest Biotech laboratory, IBET, since 2006. Main area of research: Forest tree Genomics and Biotechnology, focusing on maritime pine, cork oak and poplar. PI in 3 ongoing national projects and national coordinator of PKBBE project "SUSTAINPINE". 19 papers in international refereed scientific journals, 2 book chapters and over 60 communications in international conferences.
Dr. Jorge AP Paiva- PhD in Biolgy (2006). Researcher at Forest Center of IICT (Tropical Research Institute, Portugal) since 2009 and Invited researcher at IBET; Main area of research: Forest tree Genomics and Biotechnology, focusing on maritime pine, eucalyptus and cork oak. PI in 3 national projects, and national coordinator of PKBBE project "TREEFORJOULES". 7 papers in international journals, 1 book chapter, and over 40 communications in international conferences.
Dr. Andreas Bohn- PhD in Physics (2003). Researcher at IBET and Head of the Systems Biodynamics Group at ITQB-UNL and invited researcher at CEBAL Alentejo Biotechnology Center. Main area of research: integrative computational biology of plants and phototrophic microorganisms. PI in 2 ongoing national projects. 14 papers in international refered scientific journals, 1 book chapter, and more than 30 communications in international meetings.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

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