Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute
(NFLI Akershus, Norway)

Organisation and Competences: NFLI is the leading institution dealing with forest genetics and genomics in Norway. NFLI is a national institute under the Norwegian ministry of agriculture and food. NFLI is a world leader on climatic adaptation, epigenetic and resistance studies in Picea abies (Norway spruce). Groundbreaking work on the role of epigenetic mechanisms on phenological traits important for the growth cycle and climatic adaptaion were and are performed at NFLI (Yakovelev et al. 2010, Kvaalen and Johnsen 2008, Johnsen et al. 2005). NFLI has long standing experience with conifer genetics, transcriptomics and epigenetic studies. This includes classical and quantitative
genetics, large field trials based on controlled crosses, numerous provenance trails, numerous clonal trials, somatic embryogenesis, EST-databases, microRNAs, qRT-PCR and transcriptomics. NFLI has the needed Norway spruce trees for field trials from clonally propagated material planted at climatic different locations as well as epigenically different material derived from somatic embryogenesis as well as from controlled crosses. NFLI share the same campus as the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB). NFLI and UMB share state of the art plant growth and laboratory facilities and molecular biology equipment, they jointly manage The centre for plant research in a controlled climate and cooperate on the plant physiology and epigenetic studies of forest trees.

Role: NFLI participates in WP2

Staff members' profile:

Dr. Carl Gunnar Fossdal- is a senior researcher. He will lead this planned epigenetic work at NFLI. Fossdal is an expert on forest tree molecular biology and genomics in Norway spruce. Fossdal is since 2010 the head of the epigenetics work at NFLI, has 6 years of experience as a principal investigator and is also the supervisor of the biotechnology laboratory at NFLI (Yakovlev et al. 2010, Fossdal et al. 2007, Johnsen et al. 2005).
Dr. Igor Yakovlev- is a researcher. He has been employed at NFLI for 10 years and is an expert on forest tree molecular genetics and epigenetics, including microRNAs and bioinformatics (Yakovlev et al. 2010, Yakovlev et al. 2006). Yakovlev will perform the needed molecular work related to epigenetics.
Dr. Harald Kvaalen- is a researcher. He is an expert on somatic embryogenesis, statistics and biotechnology in Norway spruce for the last 15 years at NFLI (Kvaalen and Johnsen 2008). Kvaalen will perform the physiological studies, bud, bud burts and length growth recordings as well as the climatic data collection and statistics needed for samples from and related to the epigenetically different plants used. In addition the following scientist/administrators that will provide advice and access to the needed plant material and facilities needed for the experiments: Head of Department Plant and Environmental Sciences, UMB, Øystein Johnsen, an expert on forest tree physiology, genetics and a pioneer in epigenetics in Norway spruce. Professor at UMB Jorunn Olsen is an expert on forest tree physiology and hormone studies. Senior Researcher NFLI Tore Skrøppa is an expert on forest tree quantitative genetics.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

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