Forest Research
(FR Midlothian, Scotland)

Organisation and Competences
: FR is the research Agency of the state-owned British Forestry Commission. FR employs approx 250 people and carries out scientific research into sustainable forest and woodland management. It has specialist trained to PhD level across all disciplines from pathology to social forestry in addition there are forest and laboratory technicians, and appropriate administrative support. Staff are located at the main research station in southern England (Alice Holt; 50 km SW of London, England) and the Northern Research Station (NRS; 20km south of Edinburgh, Scotland). All staff involved in this proposal are located at NRS. FR has an extensive field-station network across Britain; this system ensures field-based experiments are closely managed by local, trained, FR staff. These field staff will be responsible for collection of phenotypic data (funded from other monies) according to strictly defined protocols. FR has 10-years of experience in the area of DNA-markers associated with Picea sitchensis the principle commercial forestry species in Greta Britain. A massive purpose-designed clonal trial replicated over 3 climatically constrating sites was planted in 2004 to
enable accurate association between DNA-markers and phenotypic assessments (Lee et al, 2006) will be a key part of this contract under WP5.

Role: FR will be active in WP3 and WP5.

Staff member
s' profile:
Dr. Joan Cottrell
- PhD in plant physiology ; programme leader for molecular studies in FR for the last 18 yrs; has been involved in research to assess post glacial routes of colonisation, genetic diversity, and gene flow in native tree populations. Key role with Steve Lee in designing and establishing the Sitka spruce clonal trial to locate QTLs; has since worked on marker discovery to develop a molecular map of Sitka spruce. Key member of EU contract NovelTree; European leader in DNA-markers of Picea sitchensis. Has considerable experience and active involvement is a range of previous EU funded projects e.g. FAIROAK, OAKFLOW, EUROPOP etc.
Dr. Steve Lee- PhD in quantitative genetics; is in over-all charge of the ''Genetic Improvement'' programme within FR; 25-years experience in the area of traditional tree breeding involving establishment of field trails, estimating breeding values, constructing breeding strategies and selected populations, demonstrations of genetic gain, general promotion of the products of tree breeding. Work Package leader in Novel Tree; Activity leader in TreeBreedEx. Organizer of recent Workshop to look at the desirability of clonal forestry including social aspects.
Dr. Stuart A'Hara- PhD in invertebrate genetics. Joined FR in 2003 where he has worked on marker development in Picea sitchensis as well as studies on genetic diversity of trees and tree pests.. Scientist responsible for day to day running of the well equipped molecular laboratory at FR
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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

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