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Organisation and Competences: With its education and research, the goal of Wageningen UR is to make a concrete and fundamental contribution to solving major contemporary issues, such as the availability of sufficient and nutritious food, dealing with climate change and developing a sustainable energy supply. In this project we will contribute with our expertise on nature variation, statistical genetics & genomics, breeding strategies, food & health, and study these items in practical setting so including chain performance to obtain sustainable quality products for the consumer.
Biometris holds two University groups, i.e., chair of Applied Mathematics and chair of Applied Statistics, that are well equipped for giving support in research, innovation and management. Important research themes are statistical genetics, systems biology, food safety, and pattern recognition. Biometris aims to apply and develop statistical methodology to assist in defining proper experimental designs and to efficiently analyze various types of genetic, genomic and phenotypic data.

Role: WU participates in WP5

Staff members' profile:
Prof. Fred A. van Eeuwijk- is full professor of Applied Statistics at Wageningen University and is a specialist in the area of G (QTL) x E interactions. He has managed many projects, from PhD and post-doc, to several more complex projects, involving international partners. He lead the recently completed EU-SPICY project and is work package leader in the EU-DROPS project as well in several past EU-projects, most recently in EU-SOL. He is statistical advisor for the ambitious Generation Challenge Program, an international organization aimed at cultivating biodiversity for the resource poor.
Dr. Joost van Heerwaarden- is a researcher in statistical and population genetics at Biometris (WU Applied Statistics) and has a strong background in the genomic analysis of demographic and adaptive processes in plants. He is currently involved in several projects on genome-wide association, genomic prediction and diversity analysis.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

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