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Austrian Bio-Indicator Grid - WEB-Database BIN-Online

Austrian Bio-Indicator Grid - WEB Database BIN-Online
The data of the Bio-Indicator Grid can be accessed online directly from the laboratory database. This service was made possible only because of the consistent utilisation of electronic data processing. The data processing was started in the middle of the eighties in the needle-analytical laboratory. From 1993-1996 the system was changed to single data acquisition, where the data measured on the samples, the standards and the reference samples are collected and stored systematically. Since 1995 a fully automatic appraisal of the data is employed.
This development culminated in the WEB-Database BIN-Online, which for the first time allows direct query, evaluation and graphical display of these measured data over the internet.

To make a query, select the desired options and click "select". The tables, diagrams and maps on this page are optimized for a resolution of 1024x768 pixels. JavaScript must be activated.

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