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Apiognomonia-disease of Plane - Apiognomonia veneta | deutsch

Symptoms    In early summer light to dark brown, angular spots lining the veins; leaves with large discolored patches, finally involuted or hanging and dropping. More rarely dieback of twigs: bark discoloration and cracks. Possibilities of errors: plane mining moth
Impact    Heavy rainfall in spring with mild temperatures favour the spread of this common species, the spores of which develop quickly in these conditions to infect further leaves. Leaves shed in summer are replaced in the same year by a second generation. This disease is commonly not dangerous for the planes, only very young plants might suffer. Further information (in German): Gehölzkrankheiten in Wort und Bild (TUM Weihenstephan).
Control    Removal of the litter in autumn (only if young trees are infected), since the fungus there hibernates in its sexual stage.
Hosts   Plane;
Affected plant parts    Leaf; Shoot/Twig/Branch;

Apiognomonia veneta: dark brown necroses bordering the middle vein
Apiognomonia veneta: leaf spots
Apiognomonia veneta: narrow necrosis bordering the main vein
Apiognomonia veneta: fungus in culture

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