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Dieback of Cupressaceae - Kabatina thujae | deutsch

Symptoms    Yellowing and later on Browning of shoots, twigs and branches; loss of leaves, death of parts of the plant. Black, small, dot-like fruiting bodies emerge from the bark of dead twigs and branches (hand lens!).
Impact    Common disease of Cupressaceae, especially of Thuja, Port Orford Cedar and Juniper; infetions are favoured by various weakening factors as for instance nutrient deficiencies.
Control    A chemical treatment is mostly not necessary. At first, the cause of the weakening preceding the infection should be identified and subsequently eliminated ; infested material should be removed.
Hosts   Thuja; Leyland cypress; False Cypress; Juniper;
Affected plant parts    Needle; Shoot/Twig/Branch; Shoot/Twig/Branch; Stem;

Thuja: dieback of twigs
Port Orford Cedar: dieback of twigs
Juniper: dieback of twigs
Port Orford Cedar: fruiting bodies of Kabatina thujae

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