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Class of cause  Type of damage
Fungi  aktuell  Spindle shank - Gymnopus fusipes
Human  Acute immission
Fungi  Alpine larch shoot dieback - Ascocalyx laricina
Fungi  Apiognomonia-Beech Anthracnose - Apiognomonia errabunda
Fungi  Apiognomonia-disease of Plane - Apiognomonia veneta
Fungi  Apiognomonia-leaf disease of linden - Apiognomonia tiliae
Fungi  Apiognomonia-leaf spot disease of oak - Apiognomonia quercina
Fungi  Ash bacterial canker - Pseudomonas syringae ssp. savastanoi pv.fraxini
Animals  Ash bark beetles - Leperisinus sp.
Fungi  aktuell Ash dieback - Hymenoscyphus fraxineus
Animals  Ash inflorescence gall mite - Aceria fraxinivora
Fungi  Asteroma-leaf spot disease of birch - Asteroma microspermum
Animals  Bark beetles of Cupressaceae - Phloesinus thujae, Phloeosinus aubei
Fungi  Bark disease of oaks - Fusicoccum quercus, Phomopsis quercella and other species
Fungi  aktuell Beech canker - Neonectria ditissima
Animals  Beech gall midge - Mikiola fagi
Fungi  aktuell Beech tarcrust – Biscogniauxia nummularia
Animals  Blue pine buprestid - Phaenops cyanea
Fungi  aktuell Botryosphaeria-canker and blight of Giant Sequoia - Botryosphaeria dothidea
Animals  Bud mining by insects - shoot moths - Blastoterespp.; Anobiids - Ernobius spp.
Animals  Cambium miner flies, Miner flies - Agromyzidae
Fungi  Canker-staion of Plane - Ceratocystis fimbriata f.sp.platani
Fungi  Carbon cushion - Ustulina deusta
Fungi  Cenangium – Dieback of pines-Cenangium ferruginosum
Fungi  Cercospora-leaf spot disease of Linden - Cercospora microsora
Fungi  Cercospora-leaf spots of Elderberry - Pseudocercospora depazeoides
Fungi  Charcoal disease of broadleaved trees- Biscogniauxia mediterranea
Fungi  Cherry leaf spot - Blumeriella jaapii
Fungi  Chestnut blight - Cryphonectria parasitica
Animals  Cimbicid Sawflies - Cimbicidae
Animals  Clearwing moths, White-barred Clearwing and other species - Sesia sp.
Complex  Combined herbicide/fertilizer-damage to Christmas trees
Fungi  Coniothyrium – leaf spot disease of Sorbus ariaConiothyrium sp.
Fungi  Coral spot - Nectria cinnabarina
Fungi  Cristulariella-leaf spot disease of maple (Cristulariella depraedans)
Fungi  Crown rust - Puccinia coronata
Fungi  Crown thinning by twig dieback, associated with Stigmina pulvinata
Fungi  Crumenulopsis-canker of Pine - Crumenulopsis sororia
Fungi  Cryptocline-needle cast of Yew - Cryptocline taxicola
Fungi  Cyclaneusma-needle cast of pines – Cyclaneusma minus and C.niveum
Fungi  Cylindrocladium-dieback of box - Cylindrocladium buxicola
Human  Damage by inappropriate planting
Human  Damage by road-deicing salts
Animals  Damage to leaves by leafhoppers
Animals  Damage to needles of Larix by Adelges geniculatus and other spruce gall aphids with host alteration
Animals  Damage to roots by insects
Fungi  Didymosphaeria (Asteromella)-leafspot disease of Linden - Didymosphaeria petrakiana
Fungi  Dieback and cast of Thuja – Pestalotiopsis funerea
Fungi  Dieback of Cupressaceae - Kabatina thujae
Abiotic  Dieback of green alder (Alnus viridis) on subalpine sites
Fungi  Dieback of Maple - Stegonsporium sp.
Fungi  Diplodia – Dieback of pines - Sphaeropsis sapinea syn. Diplodia pinea
Fungi  Diplodina–Leaf spot disease of maple - Diplodina acerina
Fungi  Discula-Anthracnose of maples - Discula campestris
Animals  Dormice – Common dormouse - Muscardinus avellanarius, Garden dormouse - Eliomys quercinus, Forest dormouse - Dryomys nitedula and Fat dormouse - Glis glis
Fungi  Dothistroma – pine needle cast, Redband disease - Mycosphaerella pini with the asexual stage Dothistroma septosporum, or Dothistroma pini
Abiotic  Drought
Fungi  Dutch elm disease (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi
Fungi  Elsinoe – Leaf spot disease of pomaceous fruit – Elsinoe pyri
Fungi  Cylindrobasidium evolvens
Fungi  Cytospora-species on conifers - Cytospora sp.
Fungi  Glomerella cingulata - anthracnose
Animals  Lachnidae
Fungi  Phloeospora-Mulberry leaf spot - Phloeospora maculans
Fungi  Pholiota destruens syn. Pholiota populnea
Fungi  Phytophthora pluvialis
Animals  aktuell Pityogenes conjunctus
Fungi  Rosellinia mycophila
Fungi  Sclerophoma on shoots and twigs - Sclerophoma pithyophila
Animals  European shot-hole borer - Anisandrus (Xyleborus) dispar and other species
Fungi  Eutypella-stem canker of maple - Eutypella parasitica
Abiotic  Excrescences of lenticels – black spots on the stem
Animals  Feeding damage by rodents (mice)
Animals  Feeding damage on needles by weevils - Phyllobius sp., Otiorhynchus sp.
Animals  Fir bark beetle - Pityophthorus pityographus
Fungi  Fir needle rust - Pucciniastrum epilobii
Animals  Fir woolly aphids - Dreyfusia sp., Mindarus sp.
Animals  Fraying damage by deer, beating damage by deer
Abiotic  Frost (Frost drought)
Abiotic  Frost (spring frost)
Abiotic  Frost (winter frost)
Animals  Gall aphids on poplars - Pemphigus-and other species
Animals  Gall midge of Tilia (Dasyneura thomasiana)
Animals  Gall mites on broadleaved trees
Animals  Gall mites on conifers
Fungi  Gemmamyces-Bud disease of Blue spruce - Gemmamyces piceae
Fungi  Giant Polypore - Meripilus giganteus
Animals  Goat Moth - Cossus cossus
Animals  Great spruce bark beetle - Dendroctonus micans
Animals  Green Leafhopper (Tettigella=Cicadella viridis)
Fungi  Grey mould - Botrytis cinerea
Fungi  Guignardia-leaf spot disease of horse chestnut - Guignardia aesculi
Fungi  Gymnosporangium-rust of Rosaceae, Juniper-rust – Gymnosporangium sp.
Animals  Gypsy moth - Lymantria dispar
Human  Heat damage in stem protection tubes
Abiotic  Heat damage of seedlings
Fungi  aktuell Honey fungus - Armillaria sp.
Fungi  Hypodermella–needle cast of larch (Hypodermella laricis)
Fungi  Hysterographium-Dieback of Ash - Hysterographium fraxini
Fungi  Kabatia-leafspots of Honeysuckle - Kabatia periclymeni
Fungi  Kabatina-needle disease of firs - Sydowia polyspora=Kabatina abietis
Fungi  Larch canker (Lachnellula willkommii)
Animals  Larch Tortix - Zeiraphera griseana
Animals  Large pine weevil - Hylobius abietis
Animals  Large poplar longhorned beetle - Saperda carcharias
Fungi  Leaf and twig – scab – Venturia spp.
Fungi  Leaf rust of alder - Melampsoridium hiratsukanum
Fungi  Lecanosticta-needle cast, Brown spot disease of pines - Lecanosticta acicola
Animals  Leopard moth - Zeuzera pyrina
Fungi  Lirula-needle cast of fir - Lirula nervisequia
Fungi  Lirula-needle cast of spruce – Lirula macrospora
Fungi  Lophodermella conjuncta–needle cast of pines - Lophodermella conjuncta
Fungi  Lophodermium-needle cast - Lophodermium sp.
Fungi  Massaria-disease of Plane - Splanchnonema platani
Fungi  Meria-Larch needle cast - Meria laricis
Animals  Mining moths of Cupressaceae– Juniper mining moth, Thuja mining moth, Cypress mining moth
Human  Misapplied herbizides and pesticides
Fungi  Monostichella-leaf disease of hornbeam - Monostichella robergei
Fungi  Mycosphaerella – needle cast of larch (Mycosphaerella laricina)
Abiotic  needle discoloration and cast due to physiological reasons
Animals  Needle gall midge of fir (Paradiplosis abietis)
Fungi  Needle rust of Spruce - Chrysomyxa rhododendri
Animals  Needle-shortening pine gall midge - Thecodiplosis brachyntera
Animals  Nun moth - Lymantria monacha
Abiotic  Nutrient deficiency
Animals  Oak processionary moth - Thaumetopoea processionea
Animals  Oak slug sawfly - feeding damage on broadleaved trees - Caliroa annullipes and other species
Fungi  Phloeospora-leaf spot disease of edible chestnut - Phloeospora castanicola (Septoria castanicola)
Fungi  Phloeospora-leaf spot disease of elms - Phloeospora ulmi
Fungi  Phomopsis-disease of Cupressaceae - Phomopsis juniperivora
Fungi  Phyllosticta - needle cast of yew (Phyllosticta foliorum)
Fungi  Phyllosticta – leaf spots of Cotoneaster - Phyllosticta spp.
Fungi  Phyllosticta-needle blight of Cupressaceae - Phyllosticta thujae
Fungi  Phytophthora-diseases of beech and other broadleaved trees - Phytophthora cambivora und Phytophthora plurivoraPhytophthora cactorum as well as other species)
Fungi  Phytophthora-root and collar rot of alders (Phytophthora alni)
Animals  Pine processionary moth - Thaumetopoea pityocampa
Complex  Plane bark necrosis
Animals  Plane mining moth - Phyllonorycter=Lithocolletis platani
Animals  Poplar-and-willow borer, willow weevil - Cryptorhynchus lapathi
Fungi  Powdery mildew
Animals  Privet aphid - Myzus ligustri
Fungi  Pseudodidymella-leaf spot disease of beech
Fungi  Ramularia-leaf spot of Elderberry - Ramularia sambucina
Fungi  Red rot - Heterobasidion annosum
Fungi  Rhizoctonia-needle cast of fir – Rhizoctoniasp.
Fungi  Rhizosphaera – needle cast – Rhizosphaerasp.
Complex  Root rot
Fungi  Rusty needle cast of Douglas fir - Rhabdocline pseudotsugae
Animals  Scale insects - numerous species
Fungi  Scleroderris-disease (Gremmeniella abietina)
Fungi  Septoria-leaf disease of Vinca (Periwinkle) - Septoria vincae
Fungi  Shoot dieback of spruce – Spruce cone rust - Pucciniastrum areolatum = Thekopsora areolata
Fungi  Shoot tip scab of willow - Pollaccia salicicola and other microfungi
Fungi  Shothole-disease of stone fruit trees - Stigmina carpophila
Fungi  Sirococcus – dieback of Spruce - Sirococcus conigenus
Animals  Sitka spruce aphid – Liosomaphis abietinum
Animals  Six-toothed bark beetle - Ips sexdentatus
Animals  Six-toothed Spruce bark beetle - Pityogenes chalcographus
Animals  Small eggar moth - Eriogaster lanestris
Animals  Social pear sawfly - Neurotoma saltuum
Fungi  Sooty moulds
Fungi  aktuell Sooty-Bark disease of Maples - Cryptostroma corticale
Animals  Spinning mites of conifers (Oligonychus ununguis)
Animals  Spittlebugs - Cercopidae
Animals  Spruce Bark Tortricid - Cydia (Laspeyresia) pactolana
Animals  Spruce budmoths - Epinotia spp.; orange spruce needleminer - Coleotechnites piceaella
Animals  Spruce gall aphids - Sacchiphantes spp. and Adelges spp.
Fungi  Spruce needle rust – Chrysomyxa abietis
Animals  Spruce shoot gall midge - Dasyneura abietiperda
Fungi  Stem fissures and wood stain in maples
Fungi  Stem lesions of hornbeam – Anthostoma decipiens and Cryphonectria carpinicola
Fungi  Stigmina-blight of Port Orford Cedar - Stigmina thujina
Fungi  Swedish pine cast - Lophodermella sulcigena
Fungi  Swiss needle cast of Douglas fir Phaeocryptopus gaeumannii
Animals  Sycamore lace bug - Corythucha ciliata
Fungi  Therrya-species - Therrya pini and Therrya fuckelii
Fungi  Thousand Canker Disease of Walnut - Geosmithia morbida
Fungi  Two-Needle Pine Stem Rust - Cronartium flaccidum, Endocronartium pini
Fungi  Verticillium wilt (Verticillium dahliae, Verticillium albo-atrum
Fungi  Virus infections of leaves (broadleaved trees)
Fungi  Volutella-twig blight of boxelder - Pseudonectria rousseliana
Animals  Walnut Husk Fly- Rhagoletis completa
Fungi  Witches' brooms of Berberis - Puccinia arrhenatheri
Animals  Woolly aphid of Douglas fir - Gilletteellasp.
Abiotic  Wounds by hail

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