BFW - Austrian Federal Office and Research Centre for Forests
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Dipl.Ing. Dr. Robert Jandl Deutsch 

International Year of Fresh Water
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Amendment to the Forest Act brings about a change of name and new tasks
As of 1 June 2002 BFW replaces FBVA
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Information on matters of topical interest, publications, events, projects
Contact point for media, schools and all other fields of public relations
Organisation of PR-events, conferences, open door-events, press conferences
Editing and preparation of general publications
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Informationfolders online : Poster covering the following topics may be requested or borrowed: The living Tree dictionary

Quiz Online information on the history of the BFW, formerly FBVA
Chronicle 1975-1999 - On the 125 Anniversary of the Federal Forest Research Centre
From the Forest Academy of Mariabrunn to the Federal Forest Research Centre. The mission of environmentally oriented forest research in 1870 and today.



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