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 Units of the BFW

0.5   Accounting and Controlling Head Office
0.4   Administration and Technical Services Head Office
3.4   Agricultural Pedology Forest ecology and soils
4.4   Air Pollution Research Forest protection
6.4   Alpine Timberline Natural Hazards and Alpine Timberline
5.2   Assessment Methods and Survey Forest inventory
0.1   Directorate Staff Head Office
0.3   Documentation Publication and Library Head Office
4.1   Entomology Forest protection
1.3   Forest Damage Inventory Forest Growth and Silviculture
1.2   Forest Growth Forest Growth and Silviculture
2.3   Forest Reproductive Material Genetics
3.1   Forest soils Forest ecology and soils
1.1   Forest Structure and Tending Forest Growth and Silviculture
1.4   Forest Techniques and Economy Forest Growth and Silviculture
7.2   Forestry Training Centre Ossiach Forestry Training Centres
7.1   Forestry Training Centre Traunkirchen Forestry Training Centres
2.4   Gene Conservation and Nurseries Genetics
2.2   Genome Research Genetics
0.2   ICT Services Head Office
4.5   Integrated forest protection Forest protection
5.1   Inventory Design, Interpretation and Remote Sensing Forest inventory
5.3   Logistics and database Forest inventory
5.4   Natural Forest Reserves and Nature Conservation Forest inventory
4.2   Phytopathology and Biochemistry Forest protection
4.3   Plant Analysis Forest protection
2.1   Population Genetics and Provenance Research Genetics
3.2   Site and Vegetation Research Forest ecology and soils
6.1   Snow and Avalanches Natural Hazards and Alpine Timberline
3.3   Soil Biology Forest ecology and soils
6.2   Torrent and Erosion Natural Hazards and Alpine Timberline
6.3   Water Budget in Alpine Catchments Natural Hazards and Alpine Timberline

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