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Austrian Research Centre for Forests
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FloodFlux – detecting greenhouse gas emissions in floodplain forests

Ecological processes in floodplains and their impact on greenhouse gas fluxes are still to be discovered. BFW therefore investigates the dynamic ecosystems in the Austrian Danube National Park.
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Booklet "Forests in Austria"
available in english

Forests are economic factor, working area, protect the population, are suppliers of energy and have a positive impact on the climate. This Booklet gives a short overview of forests in Austria.
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Box tree moth harming garden shrubs

The typical feeding pattern are a typical sign of infected box trees. The insect is a threatening pest not just in Austria but also in the eastern coast of the Black Sea.
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Austrian pine (Pinus nigra) fit for climate change?

A new established pine thinning experiment in the area of mount Anninger/Wienerwald.
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Already know everything? Vocational training and life-long learning opportunities for foresters

Sharing information has never been easier before. The adult education, vocational training and lifelong learning opportunities are increasing.
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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for testing torrent and avalanche control measurers

Potentials and limitations of utilizing new technologie to study natural hazard protection areas.
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