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Austrian Research Centre for Forests
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Video: Impact of Climate Change in Africa

Using the example of the tree species Prosopis africana in Burkina Faso, the film produced by BFW gives an overview of the current situation of forest and forestry in West Africa. >>>
Green areas have a positive impact on human health

Green spaces, especially forests, are good for human health. Prescribed stays in green areas can reduce the costs for health care.
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The genetics of fragmented populations: Simulation as forward-looking tool for nature conservation

A major goal of species’ protection is the steady conservation of species genetic diversity. But how can one predict the course of genetic diversity? Insights into BFW research  >>>
SUSTREE survey

Your input is needed! What changes are you expecting in the utilization of forest reproductive material in the upcoming years? The survey addresses forest and conservation managers and forest  >>>
FloodFlux – detecting greenhouse gas emissions in floodplain forests

Ecological processes in floodplains and their impact on greenhouse gas fluxes are still to be discovered. BFW therefore investigates the dynamic ecosystems in the Austrian Danube National Park.
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Booklet "Forests in Austria"
available in english

Forests are economic factor, working area, protect the population, are suppliers of energy and have a positive impact on the climate. This Booklet gives a short overview of forests in Austria.
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