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European National Forest Inventories harmonise their data

The European National Forest Inventories have now succeeded to harmonise the computation of growing stocks within the scope of the Horizon 2020 project “DIABOLO”.  >>>
Sharing experiences and ideas for added-value of forest information

The DIABOLO Workshop brought together policy makers, forest managers, data providers and stakeholders to identify options for bridging “gaps” between forest information demand and supply. >>>
Forest availability for wood supply

A new definition on forests available for wood supply has been found! BFW together with partner institutions recently published a paper on this topic.  >>>
DIABOLO: Information for Europe's bioeconomy

DIABOLO bridges the gap between forest information demand and supply in Europe. >>>
Socially and ecologically sustainable forestry for Guatemala

A project by the Rigoberta Menchú-Tum Foundation in cooperation with the BMLFUW and the BFW is hoping to help in the establishment of a forest management concept for the indigenous people.  >>>
Mali National Forest Inventory

Under the umbrella of the NAMA Initiative an initial project appraisal for the development and implementation of a National Forest Inventory in Mali was launched in cooperation of BMLFUW, BFW and  >>>
Climate protection in Southeast Asia

The National Parks Board of Singapore has been entrusted with setting up a monitoring system that will allow it to track greenhouse gas emissions from land-use and land-use change. >>>

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