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CCCA – A Network of Climate Scientists
The Austrian Research Centre for Forests (BFW) is a member organization of the well known Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA). The Network has 23 ordinary members and engages in relevant research projects on impacts of a changing climate.

The Network was founded in 2011 in Vienna. It objective is to be focal point for researchers, politicians, media and general public for all issues concerning climate research in Austria. The aim is to enhance dialogue and cross-sectoral collaborations. The network does not carry out research itself, but contributes to sustainable climate dialogue.

Subject area

Climate science encompasses research on climate change, causes for changes of the climate, the consequences for society, economy and environment, mitigation and adaptation and the identification of vulnerabilities and capacities.

BFW’s contribution

BFW helped to develop FACTSHEETS, explaining causes and impacts of climate change. The result of the collaboration is a leaflet on “The Impact of Climate Change on Timber Production in Austria“. The main focus lies on the additional costs of climate change for forestry and the wood sector. The used models forecast a productivity loss until the end of the century in lower altitudes, while predicting increasing productivity in mountain forests. More frequent extreme weather events may cause increasing costs due to storm damages and bark beetle calamities. The annual financial losses for the forestry sector will range between 0.4 million Euros and 2.4 million Euros until the year 2100.

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