Department of Forest Growth and Silviculture
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Climate change adaptation: Opportunities and risks of non-native tree species

How individual non-native tree species will perform in the Austrian forests in the future will be investigated using, among other things, climate envelope models and in-situ surveys on selected  >>>
SUSTREE: Science based solutions and decision-support tools for adapting forests to climate change

Within the aegis of the project a documentary movie titled “Borderless Forests” was premiered at Svetozor cinema in Prague on 28th March. The smartphone app "SusSelect" is available on  >>>
REFOCuS – Resilient Riparian Forests in the Mura-Drava-Danube Biosphere Reserve

Within the REFOCuS project a holistic strategy for both managed and protected forests will be developed, comprising appropriate silvicultural methods and conservation strategies.  >>>

The Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE-project brings together experts from eight countries to find adaptive genetic material for our forests fit for climate change.  >>>
Silvio Schüler new head of Department

Dr Silvio Schüler got appointed as head of the Austrian Research Centre for Forests’ (BFW) Department for Forest Growth and Silviculture.
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Two decades of natural forest reserves

20 years of natural forest reserves, 195 natural forest reserves over a total area of 8403 ha – almost the size of a national park. Research in natural forest reserves is long-term research.
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Austrian pine (Pinus nigra) fit for climate change?

A new established pine thinning experiment in the area of mount Anninger/Wienerwald.
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ReSynat - Best practice for close-to-nature forest management

Creating requirements necessary for establishing reference stands for uneven aged stands, coming from natural regeneration with different tree species.
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