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Silvio Schüler new head of Department

Dr Silvio Schüler got appointed as head of the Austrian Research Centre for Forests’ (BFW) Department for Forest Growth and Silviculture. The appointment will be effective as of January 2017. Silvio Schüler joined the BFW in 2005 and has been acting as Head of Unit for Provenance Research and Breeding within the Department of Forest Genetics.

He mentions as main tasks of the department are developing silvicultural concepts for the forest of our future. The investigation of causes as well as research on forest growth and silvicultural management offers important solutions and recommendations for forest practitioners and helps developing management strategies. 

Silviculture for the future

Schüler has successfully carried out eleven national and international projects at BFW, and enhanced the cooperation with national and
international stakeholders. Most of the projects have strong practical relevance and further enlarged the group of collaborating practitioners
and scientists. One example is the online platform, a tool to find the best provenances for forest stands. He
furthermore tested oak provenances and seed origins better adaptive to droughts. The core topics for Silvio Schüler in his role as future
head of department are climate change, productivity and bioeconomy.

The existing long-term experiments and trial sites are of utmost importance for the new head of department.
The valuable data available will help in approaching the priority themes of the department.

Silvio Schüler has a degree in biology of the University of Jena and has thereafter worked at the Thünen Institute in Hamburg. He took over
the unit for Provenance Research and Breeding at BFW in 2005. Silvio has published a long list of articles in peer reviewed journals and is a
popular supervisor of master and PhD theses. 

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