Department of Forest Growth and Silviculture
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Key tasks of the Department of Forest Growth and Silviculture are the establishment, management and utilisation of forest stands under ecological and economic aspects. The Department hosts also the Austrian-wide Natural Forest Reserves Programme.

Priority Areas of Work

Establishing and maintaining permanent experimental plots for the determination of the long-term productivity of forest trees, tree species, forest stands or forest enterprises and study of the factors influencing growth, increment, quality and value of trees and stands, respectively.
Growth and increment are the economic basis of forest enterprises. Analyses of necessary costs and possible returns of various types of silvicultural treatments provide therefore important information in the decision-making process.
Forest Damage Monitoring in compliance with international commitments like the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution of the UN/ECE as pan-European monitoring, or the Regulations of the European Union for the Protection of Forests and the coordination of all relevant national activities.
Expert opinions in the fields of forest growth research as well as tree ring analyses to quantify growth reactions to environmental impacts or other disturbances.

Further development and monitoring of the Natural Forest Reserves Programme.

Main Tasks and Activities

  • Monitoring of forest growth and sustainability criteria
  • Development and evaluation of various concepts of forest management
  • Testing of new harvesting and logging methods
  • Forest damage monitoring
  • Dendrochronology


Head of Department: Dr. Silvio Schüler
Tel. +43-1-87838-2228, email:

Secretary Wolfgang Peraus
Tel. +43-1-87838-1329, Fax. +43-1-87838-1250

Seckendorff-Gudent-Weg 8, 1131 Vienna, Austria

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