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First Meeting of all Four Working Groups of COST 639
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First Meeting of all Four Working Groups of COST 639

Page contains information on registration / fee / programme / accomodation / location

Aim of the meeting

Overview on the current understanding of greenhouse gas emissions from soils under different forms of land use.

The meeting outcome serves as a reference for the future progress of the COST 639. Accordingly, the proceedings will be published in the series 'Mitteilungen des BFW'.

Two 'products' are foreseen:
  1. Publication 'Status quo' - Our understanding at the onset of COST 639 (presented in keynote lectures on the first day and more presentations on the second day.
  2. Detailled working plan within the individual Working Groups. The WG Chairpersons will for the first time have the opportunity to meet their respective WG members within COST 639.

Participants of the meeting are encouraged to get in touch with the Working Group Chairs well in advance of the meeting. The on-site discussion may become highly efficient, when some positions are already made clear in advance.


To access the formular for online registration, EVENT in the PAST.

Already registered colleagues: click here.

According to the rules of COST each country can nominate delegates for reimbursement. The decision is at the discretion of the respective Management Committee members. For the list of involved persons, click here.

Conference Fee

The conference fee is 60 Euro and covers 2 lunches and the coffee breaks of 2 days. You can pay in cash or creditcard or Maestro Card on-site.
It would be quite convenient if you have the right amount of cash available.

Upon registration you will receive vouchers for lunch on both days. We have both a carnivorous and a vegetarian meal available and you can choose as long as both meals are available. - The vouchers will be taken as your payment by the waiters of the restaurant.


The currently valid programme is generated from the meeting database and will be available in early April.
To view the programme click here .


The COST Secretariat has been quite generous with respect to reimbursements. The forms have been sent out several weeks ago. Please provide the completely filled out reimbursement form and a copy of the receipt for your transportation. You may assume that making photocopies in Vienna is a hazzle.

Participants expecting reimbursement need to sign in the attendance list every half day.


The conference takes place at the Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape (BFW) in Vienna.

The meeting will take place in the festival hall. Temporarily, the Working Groups will break out to business meetings.

How to get there

Overview of location in Austria: click here.

Within Vienna a map gives an overview how to get there.

  • Public Transportation
  1. From the airport: Take either the CAT (quick train) or the regular train to ’Wien-Mitte’. Regular train: buy ticket for 2 zones! At station 'Wien Mitte' switch to Underground U4 and proceed to Station ’Hietzing’. From there take bus 56B or 58B or 156B to Station Montecucculiplatz (3rd stop). From that stop it is about a 10 min walk to the center according to the map.
  2. From the train station Westbahnhof: Take Underground U6 to station Längenfeldgasse’, switch to U4 and continue as described above.
  • Taxi: The recommendation is to book a C&K taxi in advance over the internet. Local booking is not possible. C&K is much cheaper than a regular taxi. C&K: 27 Euro door to door.


Prices for nearby hotels range from Euro 60+ to 120+ Euro. Please make your reservation under the term "Waldforschungszentrum BFW or IUFRO".

The reservation of hotel rooms cannot be handled by the local organizers.

Hotel Cortina:
From Hotel Cortina walk 8 min to Underground station U4. Proceed to station Hietzing. From there take bus 56B, 58B or 156B, go to Station 'Montecucculi Platz' (3rd stop). Walk according to map.

Total time Hotel Cortina -> BFW 30 minutes.

You will find information at the reception of the hotel.
Available hotels
Name / link to webpage Address Phone Category Price [Euro] Distance
Hotel Ekazent
Code 'BFW'
Hietzinger Hauptstrasse 22 A-1131 Vienna +43 1 877 74 01 3* 68 Euro / night / single room 10 minutes walking
93 Euro / night / double room
Schlosshotel Schönbrunn


Code 'IUFRO'

Hietzinger Hauptstrasse 10-14
A-1131 Vienna
+43 1 878 04 0 4* 95 Euro / night / single room 10 minutes walking
135 Euro / night / double room
Hotel Bergwirt Maxingstrasse 76, A-1131 Vienna +43 1 877 34 13 3* 68 Euro / night / single room 5 minutes walking
94 Euro / night / double room
Hotel Cortina
Hietzinger Hauptstrasse 134
A - 1130 Wien
+43 1 877 74 06-0


see information above

Other hotels in Vienna

The information on hotels in Vienna can be found at the Info Page Vienna

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