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After the ringtest each participant will receive a qualification report. The laboratory must participate in each test for all mandatory parameters. It has been decided to qualify the results of each parameter separately. If 50% or more of the results for this parameter for all the samples of the ringtest are within the tolerable limits, the laboratory is qualified.
Re-qualification is mandatory for laboratories of the FutMon partners and for ICP-Forests laboratories. There is no special qualification process for other laboratories.

The qualification process starts with the ringtest participation. All FutMon partners and participating ICP-Forests laboratories must analyze at least all the mandatory parameters. Finally, each laboratory receive a qualification report together with the ringtest report. The laboratory passed for parameters highlighted in green and failed for parameters highlighted in orange. For the orange highlighted parameters a re-qualification is needed if this parameter will be reported with monitoring files to Hamburg. Also key quality parameters like ringtest results, limits of quantification (LOQ) or control chart results per parameter will be submitted with the monitoring data in a separate QA/QC file as well.

Only in case of re-qualification:
The re-qualification process should start as soon as possible after the ringtest. The laboratory has to try to identify the reason for the bad results. The Quality Check paper of the ICP Forests working group on QA/QC in laboratories should be helpful (see: Also reference samples for method validation from IRMM, NIST, FFCC or FSCC should be used.

If the problem is fixed a report should be sent to the ringtest provider. Please, always add the laboratory code number on your report. The ringtest samples should be reanalyzed and with this report all printouts of the instruments, sample weights, dilution factors and calibration factors should be submitted too. In case there is not enough sample material left - the ringtest provider will send additional ringtest sample material. If the reason for the wrong results is a decimal error in the data submission or some other miscalculation, a short statement is enough. The ringtest provider will send an updated qualification report to the laboratory.
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