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Research of the Department of Forest Ecology and Soils
SINSOIL - Measuring Greenhouse Gases in Singapur

With the SINSOIL the first baseline data on soil GHG emissions from a natural forest land and an urban parkland under commonly used management practices over a one year period will be collected.  >>>
FloodFlux – detecting greenhouse gas emissions in floodplain forests

Ecological processes in floodplains and their impact on greenhouse gas fluxes are still to be discovered. BFW therefore investigates the dynamic ecosystems in the Austrian Danube National Park.  >>>

Biochar production is based on the pyrolysis of biomass (for example from agricultural waste material or forest wood chippings). >>>
Yes, we change!

Within the framework of the Interreg Alpine Space Project MANFRED over 20 institutions have addressed the issue of how mountain forests can be adapted to the risks of climate change.  >>>
BFW goes international

BFW strives to combine in the best possible way research, data collection, training and exploitation of knowledge. This is one of the projects stipulated in the business plan 2011-2015.  >>>
Achenkirch Manipulation Site

The BFW operates a climate manipulation facility close to the village of Achenkirch/Tyrol in the northern limestone Alps. Currently the BFW cooperates with the University of Vienna and of Bayreuth. >>>

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