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Department of Forest Genetics
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ProCoGen - Portrayal of a Conifer Tree
The main objective of ProCoGen is the development of an inclusive and multidisciplinary genomic research to economically important conifers (spruce and pine species ).

The project will develop methods for forest ecosystem conservation with regard to climate change  adaptation and for the conservation of productive forests that supply timber and renewable energy for the future.

Decoding the genomes

ProCoGen uses a high-tech data platform for orthologous sequences, genotyping and functional analysis to decode genomes and to identify genes and gene networks.

This is to control important ecological and economic paths such as those that can reduce the impact of climate change. This applies especially for growth, dry and cold stress.
Im Rahmen von ProCoGen wird vor allem zum Genom der Kiefern geforscht.
ProCoGen addresses primarily pine trees

Genetic strategies

ProCoGen will address genome sequencing of two keystone European conifer species, identifying their genetic diversity by exome re-sequencing. The gained knowledge will be used for breeding strategies and forest management.

Furthermore, the development of new bio-informational solutions will ensure that large amounts of data are translated into useful information. In the course of this process gene families will be formed for further bio information downstream analyses.
The development of comparative studies plays a central role in order to increase the understanding of the evolution and effectiveness of information and resources available in conjunction with other conifer species. In addition, it is planned to establish effective molecular-based pre-breeding material in Europe.

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