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Socially and ecologically sustainable forestry for Guatemala

A project by the Rigoberta Menchú-Tum Foundation in cooperation with the BMLFUW and the BFW is hoping to help in the establishment of a forest management concept for the indigenous people.  >>>
Mali National Forest Inventory

Under the umbrella of the NAMA Initiative an initial project appraisal for the development and implementation of a National Forest Inventory in Mali was launched in cooperation of BMLFUW, BFW and  >>>
Timber yards: possible threat to surrounding woodlands

A timber producing company stores large amounts of spruce and pine round timber with bark, partly infested by bark beetles, beside the processing plant. What consequences does this have? >>>
Pine wilt nematode in focus: Methods for diagnosis, control, and extermination

The pine wilt nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus is transported via international trade to different countries. Contact with new host tree species in new climate zones has devastating consequences. >>>
Root collar rot on Alder

The planting of contaminated alders from nurseries is responsible for the spread of Phytophthora disease of alder (root collar rot). This is confirmed by new cases. >>>
BFW goes international

BFW strives to combine in the best possible way research, data collection, training and exploitation of knowledge. This is one of the projects stipulated in the business plan 2011-2015.  >>>
Transgenic Trees under the Microscope

In Austria no risk assessment exists for trees and forests in the event that it should come to a release of genetically modified trees in the Federal territory or in neighboring countries.  >>>
Forest Genetics: Preserving the Spruce Tree - Main Source of Timber in our Forests

The research initiative "Green Heritage" was launched to improve the production base and stand security for the spruce tree in Austria permanently.  >>>
AdaptTree: The adaptability of forest trees to a changing climate

The adaptability of forest trees to a changing climate mainly depends on the genetic variation of the respective tree species and on the epigenetic status of the responsible genes. >>>

The forest, the tree, the wood: three systems, which must meet a variety of requirements - as an ecosystem, as a resort and as a table where we sit. >>>


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