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CCCA – A Network of Climate Scientists

BFW calculates the additional costs of climate change for the forestry sector and its' impact on the productivity.
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Factsheet Climate

Forestry is challenged in regard to climate change: due to the long production periods, changes in climatic conditions must already be taken into account during stand establishment and treatment.
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Climate protection: Targeted utilization of wood products and reduction of green house gas emissions

The cascading utilisation of wood and wood products has a relevant impact on the green house gas balance. Projects of BFW, BOKU and the Umweltbundesamt investigated the impacts by analyzing different
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Softwood for the future

We aim to assess the tree response to past drought events by ring width and x-ray densitometric measurements. In particular, we cope with Norway spruce, European larch, Silver fir, and Douglas fir.  >>>
Yes, we change!

Within the framework of the Interreg Alpine Space Project MANFRED over 20 institutions have addressed the issue of how mountain forests can be adapted to the risks of climate change.  >>>

Biochar production is based on the pyrolysis of biomass (for example from agricultural waste material or forest wood chippings). >>>
Achenkirch Manipulation Site

The BFW operates a climate manipulation facility close to the village of Achenkirch/Tyrol in the northern limestone Alps. Currently the BFW cooperates with the University of Vienna and of Bayreuth. >>>


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