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The GreenRisks4Alps Project

GreenRisk4Alps will establish, test and implement new forestry and ecosystem-based management in the Alpine region. >>>
„Avalanche training courses are the new highrisk sports“

The ISSW 2018 is over. The greatest event on snow and avalanche research took place from 07 until 12 October 2018 in Innsbruck. A short review on the interesting themes during the conference.  >>>
ICT4snow - Exploring ICT solutions for snow and avalanche assessments

The motivation for this exploratory study came from the observed increasing demand for up-to-date information on snow conditions and avalanches in decision-making processes. In the context of  >>>
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for testing torrent and avalanche control measurers

Potentials and limitations of utilizing new technologie to study natural hazard protection areas.  >>>
Code of Practice for the Assessment of Surface Runoff Coefficients

The Interreg-South East Europe-Project CC-WaterS offered the opportunity to integrate some new findings in experimental runoff research and to release a report in English language in 2011.  >>>
BFW goes international

BFW strives to combine in the best possible way research, data collection, training and exploitation of knowledge. This is one of the projects stipulated in the business plan 2011-2015.  >>>
Interpretation of an Expert Survey by BFW within the Alpine Space Project PARAmount

Within the framework of the EU-financed Alpine Space Project PARAmount the BFW is developing a method for the quantitative assessment of the importance of individual parameters for natural hazard  >>>
landslides and debris flow

The improved accessibility to the Alpine space and other mountainous areas calls for increased awareness of mass movement processes which are normally considered by man to be a natural phenomenon.  >>>

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