We evaluate the risk!

For a number of years an integral risk management has been promoted, which contains cross-sector and cross-process approaches for the effective and efficient handling of natural hazards. It is the aim of the IREK project (Integral Spatial Development Concept for Selected Habitats of the Wipp Valley) to develop sustainable spatial development concepts through participatory approaches. The BFW was commissioned by the forest technical service of the Torrent and Avalanche Control (WLV) to carry out the project IREK.

The following questions will be analysed:
  • Ascertainment of regional and local damage potential,
  • Compilation of damage and risk scenarios,
  • Derivation of areas which require action
  • Adaptation approaches for future utilisation of space.

Monetary evaluation possible

The risk should be calculated depending on hazard zone planning (avalanche, torrents, and flood-water). The developed procedure allows for the monetary evaluation of the damage potential for different object spaces (housing and industry, infrastructure, agriculture and forestry, protective structures). In this respect, the guidelines for cost-benefit analysis of avalanche and torrent control will be drawn up, revised, and completed using the current state of knowledge. Regional indicators are defined, in consultation with representatives of the municipalities and natural hazard experts in avalanche and torrent control, which encompass damage to property and to persons (direct and indirect). In order to calculate the annual risk to inhabitants of valleys, the data is integrated and evaluated with the planning tool “Riskplan” (BAFU). Because a target-oriented presentation of the risks increases their acceptance, innovative GIS-based risk maps will be developed for policy makers.

Risk of avalanche processes at the village Trins

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