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COST 639
Short Term Scientific Missions
Short Term Scientific Missions are in instrument of COST to facilitate the cooperation within an Action.

The objective is to give primarily young members of the Action an opportunity to work on a short, clearly defined exercise within the scope of the Action. Most relevant are projects that directly relate to REPORTING ISSUES.

Applicants are encouraged to take the following steps
  • familiarize yourself with the scope of the Action; identify your contribution to the objectives of the Action
  • get in touch with a Working Group Chair and convince him on your proposal
  • write a short 'letter of intent' with title of project, relation to objectives of the Action, Dates!, Host Institution, Requested money, and Deliverable.
  • Our intention is to generate very little work for the applicants.
The proposal will be seen by the WG Chairs. They make a decision on the proposal.

Afterwards, the applicant submits his proposal to the COST Secretariat. The rules are explained at the COST Webpage in the COST Guidelines Chapter 3.

The title and reports of the already accomplished STSMs are given at the enclosed link.
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