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Österreichisches Bioindikatornetz (BIN)
Austrian Bio-Indicator Grid
Connections Between Climatic Conditions and the Nutritional Status of Spruce Needles Determined from the Austrian Bio-Indicator Grid
Data material from the Austrian Bio-Indicator Grid was used to examine potential connections between extreme climate conditions and certain needle parameters. Results clearly showed that climatic conditions must be considered in the interpretation of needle data.  >>>
Indication of S and N Inputs by Means of Needle Analyses Based on the Austrian Bio-Indicator Grid
The evaluation of the investigation results is based on the data from the Austrian Bio-Indicator Grid, an all-Austrian monitoring programme which, since 1983, has included annual collection of needle samples from 611 sample plots (spruce and pine) and determination of the S, N, P, K, Ca and Mg concentrations.  >>>
Values for the assessment of the supply of macro- and micronutrients
The values for the assessment are based on the values provided by GUSONNE 1964. They are still accepted and have been reconfirmed in the newer literature by BONNEAU 1988, VAN DEN BURG 1988 and FOERST et al. 1987.  >>>
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