Institut Technologique Foret Cellulose Bois-construction Ameublement
(FCBA Bordeaux--Pierroton, France)

Organisation and Competences: FCBA is the merger established by mid-2007 of CTBA and AFOCEL. Together with P&P companies, the FCBA include delegates of all the other forest (nurseries, forest owners, procurement companies etc.), wood (saw mills, panel industry, cooperage, wood building), and furniture companies. FCBA is the private research institute of the whole French forestwood chain with more than 340 collaborators. The institute is active in Research and Development, Standardization, Certification, Technical Assistance, Consultancy, Expertise, Testing, Training and Information of public and private forest and furniture stakeholders. The Research activity sensu stricto
address tree genetics and breeding (1800ha experimental network), silviculture, biotechnology, forest resources modeling, forest harvesting, logistics and transportation, wood quality x process interactions, development of new wood-based materials, wood qualification, furniture and building design, wood preservation and processing, sustainable development analysis, socio economic analysis of the forest wood chain. FCBA is in charge of the national support group of the European Forest (-Based Sector) Technology Platform (FTP). FCBA (formerly known as AFOCEL) is the only breeding organization for Frost-resistant eucalypt able to grown in continental France and non-mediterranean EU countries.FCBA is the private breeder of the French Maritime Pine, spruce, Douglas fir, poplar breeding programs. The FCBA Biotech lab is internationally renowned for its works on rejuvenation and conifer somatic embryogenesis.

Role: FCBA will take part to all aspects of WP2 and will coordinate its subtask 2.2.2 (functional analysis and participate in WP5 by coordinating sub-task 5.3.

Staff members' profiles:
Dr. Luc Harvengt- more than 15 years of research experience in forest tree biotechnology, principal investigator for 10 years; participant (work-package coordinator) in several EC-funded research projects, coordinator in many nationally funded research projects; reviewer for many high-ranking journals in the field, and for national and international funding agencies.
Dr. Jean-François Trontin- 15 year experience focussing on pine transgenesis, epigenetics and production of somatic embryogenenis from mature trees.
Dr Laurent Bouffier- is a junior expert in tree genetics, in charge of interfacing genomics and practical tree breeding aspects.
Dr Denilson Da Silva Perez- is coordinating many projects on wood quality and innovative wood use in nanomaterials and biofuels. He coordinate a large public-private project between France and Brasil.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

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