Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek
(DLO Wageningen, Netherlands)

Organisation and Competences:
With its education and research, the goal of Wageningen UR is to make a concrete and fundamental contribution to solving major contemporary issues, such as the availability of sufficient and nutritious food, dealing with climate change and developing a sustainable energy supply. In this project we will contribute with our expertise on nature variation, statistical genetics & genomics, breeding strategies, food & health, and study these items in practical setting so including chain performance to obtain sustainable quality products for the consumer. Biometris holds a broad experience in applied mathematics and statistics and is well equipped for giving support in research, innovation and management. Important research themes are statistical genetics, systems biology, food safety, and pattern recognition. Biometris aims to apply and develop statistical methodology to assist in defining proper experimental designs and to efficiently analyze various types of genetic, genomic and phenotypic data.

DLO will participate in WP5

Staff members' profile:

Dr. Marco Bink- is senior scientist in statistical genetics and genomics at Biometris. He is the chair of the EU COST Action TD0801 "Statistical challenges on the 1000 genome sequences in plants" and is work package leader in "New QTL analysis tools- in EU project SPICY (FP7 - 211347)". He will actively contribute to 3 work packages in EU project FruitBreedomics (FP7). He has developed the FlexQTLTM software that is powerful in QTL analyses in pedigreed populations. He is well-experienced in Bayesian statistics, including its application to whole genome selection and marker assisted breeding.
Prof. Cajo ter Braak- is senior scientist at Biometris and holds a personal chair in multivariate statistics for the life sciences at Wageningen University. His research concentrated initially in statistical ecology and, after 2001, also in the field of statistical genetics and Bayesian analysis and computation. His current interest is in prediction in high-dimensional data and networks.
Dr. Martin Boer- is senior scientist at Biometris. His research concentrates on QTL detection in complex crosses, using mixed models and regularization paths. Important aspects of his work include the detection of epistasis and QTL by environment interactions, and the calculation of IBD probabilities in complex crosses. He is one of the developers of the QTL mapping library in the statistical data analysis software Genstat.
Dr. Johannes Jansen- is a senior scientist at Biometris, a DLO Unit, in the field of statistical genetics, with special emphasis on genetic linkage mapping and QTL analysis. His current work involves genetic linkage mapping using data from multiple populations and QTL analysis in multiple related populations in multiple environments.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

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