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Organisation and Competences: The old "Estudi General de València", founded in 1499 and initially dedicated to the study of medicine, humanities, theology and law, has today become a modern European University, open to the culture of practically every branch of teaching. The University of Valencia puts its support and scientific and technologic consulting resources: a network of institutes an office for European research projects (OPER), an office for the transference of technology (OTRI) and several central services within the reach of the scientific community, the institutions and the industry. In fact, the University of Valencia has participated and is participating in several European projects under the subsequent RTD European Framework Programmes (I to VII) and other European programmes / Actions: ERASMUS, SOCRATES, LEONARDO, INTAS, EQUAL,
Community action programme "AIDS and other communicable diseases"... acting through several roles: coordinator, contractor, associated contractor, member, host institution... having experience in the development and management of more than 300 European Projects.

The Growth and Development (C&D) Research Group of the Dept. of Plant Biology at the University of Valencia has two main research areas: a) In vitro propagation, conservation and genetic transformation of plants including forest trees; during the last years we are devoted to Pinus pinaster and Quercus ilex, and b) Metabolic engineering of the terpene pathway in aromatic plants, such as Lavandula latifolia (spike lavender). The group has a reputed internationally recognized expertise in Plant Biotechnology.

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Prof. Isabel Arrillaga- PhD in Plant Physiology. She is a professor of Plant Physiology at the University of Valencia and the Head of the Plant Growth and Development laboratory (UVEG). She has more than 25 years of experience in the area of Tissue culture and gene transfer mainly in trees. She was PI in 4 National and 3 Valencia Regional Government projects. She has a total of 29 papers in SCI-indexed journals and 2 book-chapters.
Prof Juan Segura- PhD in Plant Physiology. He is a professor of Plant Physiology at the University of Valencia and Co-coordinator of the Graduate Program in Plant Biology, UVEG. He has more than 40 years of experience in the area of Tissue culture including trees and aromatic plants. He was PI in 15 National and Regional projects. He has a total of 68 papers in SCI-indexed journals, 14 book-chapters and 1 book

Network of experts/projects:

The members of C&D have experience in EU funded research and have previously involved in several European projects, such as: New Strategies for improving salt tolerance in crop plants (AIR-3 CT94-1508); Biodiversity audit, propagation and sustainable exploitation of cedar (Cedrus spp.) in the Mediterranean region (Contract IC18-CT97-0177); Sustainable production of plant-derived Indigo (QLRT-199-30962); and SUSTAINable forest management (SUSTAINPINE, PLANT-KBBE" PLE2009-0016). Also Professor Segura was involved as Scientist in charge in a FP62002- Mobility 6 (Proposal 509278-ENV).

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