Promoting Conifer Genomics

WP 5 Translational Genomics: Quantitative genomics enabling breeding and resource management

Leader Dr. Léopoldo Sanchez (INRA)

Translational research is the process of translating basic scientific discoveries into applications, such as new diagnostics and treatments in human genetics. The aim of this WP is to identify and quantify associations in the variation at the genomic and phenotypic levels to enable genome-assisted breeding and resource management.

Main focus
  • Generate data and tools to identify and quantify statistical associations between nucleotide polymorphisms and phenotypic trait variation. Application of appropriate statistical approaches to estimate allelic effects and overall genetic values in genetically structured breeding populations for a range of well suited case studies. These cases will include extensive SNP resources, with access to large size mapping populations derived from or being part of ongoing breeding programmes, and with comprehensive phenotypic trait data.
  • Evaluate different breeding scenarios involving multi-generation Marker-Assisted Selection (MAS) and Genomic Selection (GS) using computer simulation, specifically conceived for identified case studies, in terms of genetic gain, selection precision and management of background diversity over classical existing alternatives, and covering contrasting situations for key parameters such as genome coverage (density of polymorphisms), % of explained variation by identified markers, (co)variance components of explained and unexplained genetic variation, genomic architecture of traits, population size and selection intensity.
  • Evaluate by deterministic approaches the economical efficiency of the breeding scenarios involving MAS and GS being tested and identified in previous tasks.
  • Implement molecular markers for core collection definition and forest reproductive material management and tracking.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

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