Promoting Conifer Genomics

WP 6 Integration with conifer genomics initiatives worldwide & Dissemination and Training

Leader Dr. Berthold Heinze

To integrate efforts in this project with similar large-scale initiatives e.g. in North America and Canada ( eg. FoResTTraC project), in order to use synergies and create added values.The aim is to firstly, build an international conifer genomics network comprising of representatives from relevant projects and initiatives to ensure a fluid communication and correct canalization of information to optimally exchange results and ideas. Secondly, to ensure proper dissemination of project results to the scientific community worldwide and other stakeholders in the forestry sector.

Main focus
  • To link up with the European Forest Institute ''Evoltree'' specific program (perpetuation of the EC-funded Evoltree project that ended in Oct. 2010), NOVELTREE, TREEBREEDEX, FoResTTraC and projects on conifer genetics, genomics, breeding, and forest management, in order to ensure wide and continued data availability
  • To transfer knowledge and technology from leading partners to other project participants (training workshops,staff exchange)
  • To transfer applied outcomes of the project, and promote conifer genomics in general in organisations involved in conifer breeding and management (dissemination workshops, seminars with non-partner organisations, international final conference to be organized at the end of the project)
  • To interact with key European organisations in research and development as multipliers and end-users of project results thus ensuring dissemination to the applied forestry sector
  • To ensure sustained interest in applications of biotechnology to conifer breeding and management in the relevant industry (creating a pool of technology providers for interaction with forest research and development)
  • To establish a Technology Transfer Cooperative Group as an internet blog, which supports not only the interaction of scientists and forest managers with the consortium but also the public at large
  • To construct the project website

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

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