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Training Workshop 2014 University of Alcala, Spain
The second training workshop was held in Spain in the historic town of Alcalá de Henares from 19th - 21st Feb. 2014. The theme of the workshop was "Conifer Functional Genomics: analysis of gene networks involved in conifer adaptation". The workshop was attended by 40 people on an average, which included the project members, local researchers and students. Fifteen distinguished speakers were invited from Europe, Canada and the U.S.A. to present at this event. The speakers familiarised the participants with the latest technological advancements in sequencing, and bioinformatic tools available for gene and genome annotation. They also introduced concepts of epigenetics and epigenomics, and applications of functional genomics. The main attractions of this event were the recent advancements in functional genomics of conifers, especially from the recent and ongoing European and Trans-Atlantic initiatives.

Training Workshop 2014 Programme

 Presentations for downloading:

Conifer functional genomics: the case of Picea abies by Pär Ingvarsson, UMU, Sweden

Functional and evolutionary implications of gene orthology by Toni Gabaldon, CRG, Spain

New technologies to sequence complex genomes by Jose Luis Garcia, CIB, Spain

Bioinformatic tools to analyze complex genomes by Yves van de Peer, VIB, Belgium

Epigenetics and epigenomics of complex genomes by Celia Miguel, iBET, Portugal

Genetical genomics and gene network construction by Kermit Ritland, UBC, Canada

The landscape of SNP diversity and relationships with gene fuction and expression in
    white spruce by Nathalie Pavy, ULaval, Canada

Functional genomics in Picea glauca by John Mackay, ULaval, Canada

Functional genomics in Pinus pinaster by Francisco M. Cánovas, UMA, Spain

Functional genomics of drought response in Pinus pinaster by Maite Cervera, INIA-CIFOR,

Functional genomics of plant evolution: how EVE leads the flowering plants to dominate
    the world by Matias Kirst, UF, USA

Linking the circardian clock to the specialized metabolism using gene co-expression
    networks by Diana Coman Schmid, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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