Promoting Conifer Genomics
Dissemination Workshop 2014 Szombathely, Hungary

The second dissemination workshop was held in Kámoni Arboretum, Szombathely, Hungary from 1st - 3rd of Sep. 2014. The theme of this workshop was "Genomics and the conservation of conifer genetic resources". It was an effort to interact with stakeholder from the forest based industry sector, as well as young researchers and scientist from EU countries not involved in this project, with special focus on the Central-Eastern European region.  30 people  from six different countries attended this event. (short report)

Dissemination Workshop 2014 Programme

Presentations for downloading

Genomics and conifer conservation- a general introduction by Berthold Heinze, BFW, Austria

Challenges of climate changes for conservation of genetic resources by Csaba Mátyás, University of West Hungary (NymE), Hungary

Did human mediated processes shape phylogeographic pattern of Carpathian pine populations? by Maria Höhn, Corvinus University Budapest,  Hungary

Hybridization and recruitment in a mixed stand with three different oak species by Klára Cseke, Hungarian Forest Research Institute (ERTI), Hungary

Conservation of genetic resources: the European strategy and a case study by Bruno Fady, INRA Avignon, France

Sequencing and conservation genomics by Konstantin Krutovsky, University of Göttingen, Germany

Swedish programme for conifer conservation and breeding by Gunnar Jansson, Skogforsk Uppsala, Sweden

Restoration of rare or endangered species based on examples of black poplar by Sándor Bordács, National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH), Hungary

Genetics in a commercial conifer nursery by Kurt Ramskogler, LIECO GmbH & Co KG, Austria

coming soon

Conifer case studies by Stephen Cavers CEH Edinburgh, UK

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