Promoting Conifer Genomics

ProCoGen Final Open Conference and Workshops
Promoting Conifer Genomic Resources
30th November - 4th December 2015
Orléans, France

Conifers are key ecological species dominating many terrestrial landscapes, and they are among the largest terrestrial carbon sinks. They have significant economic importance, and are key sources for timber, paper and bio-energy worldwide. At social and scientific levels, there is an increasing awareness of the global climate change challenges affecting conifers.

In parallel, technological and methodological improvements have been attained and have benefited the conifer taxa, notably on high throughput analytical tools able to describe the variability and plasticity at different levels of integration (from genes up to phenotypes). These new advances can be used not only to improve our understanding of fundamental conifer adaptive biology, but also to address practical problems for the forest industry as well as problems related to the management of conifer forests in the context of global change.

Several international research initiatives have crystalized around these new advances, like next-generation DNA sequencing technologies, with a focus on unraveling fundamental and practical problems of conifer adaptability and domestication. ProCoGen is a project funded by the EC 7FP that develops integrative and multidisciplinary genomic research in conifers, using high-throughput platforms for sequencing, genotyping and doing functional analysis. The objective of ProCoGen is to unravel genome organization and to identify genes and gene networks controlling important ecological and economic traits, such as those related to environmentally driven tree reaction for growth, drought and cold stress tolerance, and thus provide tree breeders with tools for precise selection. ProCoGen as well as other parallel initiatives worldwide have produced already substantial findings deserving broad dissemination among scientist for fostering awareness and further collaboration in conifer research.

With this goal in mind, a ProCoGen final open conference will be held in Orleans (France) from November 30th to December 2nd 2015. The aim of this international event will be to serve as a showcase of main results achieved in the project, along with other internationally relevant achievements brought in by key invited speakers and general attendees. External researchers from similar initiatives worldwide, from complementary disciplines ranging from genomics, to molecular and population genetics, tree physiology and developmental biology, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, bioinformatics and conifer breeders, are invited to present and discuss recent and relevant results on structural, functional, comparative and translational genomics of conifer species. Emphasis will be given to broaden the coverage of key actors, from public research institutes and Universities to privately funded research organizations. External and ProCoGen keynote speakers, oral and poster presentations from external attendees and ProCoGen members will be included in the program. The number of participants will be limited to 100-120. No registration fees will be demanded.

This open conference will be followed by three ProCoGen workshops on 3rd and 4th December 2015

No registration fees will be charged for these events. The number of participants will be limited to 30 per workshop.
•    Training Workshop on “Practicalities of marker and genome-assisted selection”
•    Dissemination Workshop on “From our labs to your forests” and
•    Dissemination Workshop on “Transfer of genome-related tools to breeding programs”

Registration is online on this project website under the section final conference.
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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

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