Promoting Conifer Genomics
ProCoGen final open conference was held in Orléans, France from 30th Nov. - 02nd Dec. 2015 to showcase the project outcomes. It was also an important event for networking and strengthening collaborations with other international initiative. 10 posters and 17 oral presentations were made by project members highlighting their research findings. 18 oral presentations were made by invited external speakers mostly from other conifer genomic initiatives.

The open conference was followed by two dissemination workshops:
The third dissemination workshop on “From our labs to your forests” was held on 3rd Dec. 2015. This workshop was organised by BFW together with project partner INRA-Orléans. It was an effort to interact with stakeholder from the forest based industry sector, as well as young researchers and scientist from EU countries not involved in this project, with special focus on the Mediterranean region. The workshop was attended by 40 people from 14 different countries.
The fourth workshop on “Transfer of genomic tools to breeding programs” followed on the 4th Dec. 2015. The theme was dedicated more towards tree breeding. It was attended by 31 people (including five speakers) from nine countries. The lectures were intended for young scientists researchers and stakeholders from the forest based industry.   

To download the presentations please follow the links:
From our lab to your forest
Transfer of genomic tools to breeding programs
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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

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