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Sooty-Bark disease of Maples - Cryptostroma corticale

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Maples (Acer sp., mostly Acer pseudoplatanus) with wilting crowns or dieback. Detachment of the stem bark initially in form of rectangular areas, later on long and broad black stripes. The stripes consist of thick layers of microscopic fungal spores, which are dispersed by wind. In case of rain they are washed down from the stem to produce a blackish stained area around the stem base. In cross section the wood of the stem show a greenish, yellowish or brownish stain, which is, however, not specific for Cryptostroma. Where the discolored area reaches the bark, the spore bearing structures develop. Dead trees loose their stain in the wood, or it is replaced by rot-stain. If the spores are present, there are hardly possibilites for errors in diagnosis.
Affected tree speciesBirch; Maple;
Affected partsStem; Shoot/Twig/Branch;

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