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Thousand Canker Disease of Walnut - Geosmithia morbida

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Canopy initially pale green and sparse, later yellowish and finally brown; from August on, brown leaves are pending from dead twigs in a flag-like manner; within one season loss of leaves and drying of twigs, branches and the stem; on the surface of diseased twigs and branches small roundish bore-holes surrounded by fine sawdust; dark bark beetles, about 1mm in size (Pityophthorus juglandis. Removal of the outer bark layers reveals numerous dot-like or larger, oval shaped lesions (necroses) in the inner bark, with galleries of the beetle (=Thousand cankers). The wood remains undiscolored for a time. Death of trees usually within one year after appearance of the first symptoms.
Affected tree speciesWalnut;
Affected partsLeaf; Stem; Shoot/Twig/Branch;

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